Knuckle Sandwich Connecticut

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Joya de Nicaragua Cigars

Joya de Nicaragua, established in 1968, holds the distinction of being the first premium handmade cigar manufacturer in Nicaragua. Revered for its rich history and contributions to the country’s cigar industry, Joya de Nicaragua is celebrated for crafting cigars that embody the bold and robust characteristics of Nicaraguan tobacco. The brand often incorporates a diverse array of Nicaraguan tobaccos, creating cigars with medium to full-bodied profiles. From the classic Joya de Nicaragua Antaño series, known for its full strength and intense flavors, to the modern and nuanced Joya Silver and Joya Red lines, the brand offers a spectrum of choices for cigar enthusiasts. Joya de Nicaragua is recognized for its unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and its role in shaping Nicaragua’s reputation as a premier cigar-producing region. Aficionados turn to Joya de Nicaragua for a genuine taste of Nicaraguan craftsmanship, marked by complexity, balance, and a legacy of excellence. For the latest information on Joya de Nicaragua cigars, it’s recommended to check with reputable cigar retailers or the official brand website.


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