Espinosa Comfortably Numb Vol. 2

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Espinosa Cigars

Espinosa Cigars, founded by Erik Espinosa, is a boutique cigar company that has made a significant impact on the premium cigar market. Established in 2012, the brand is known for producing handcrafted cigars with a focus on bold flavors and innovative blends. Espinosa Cigars often utilizes Nicaraguan tobaccos in its blends, creating cigars that offer a range of profiles from medium to full-bodied. The brand’s portfolio includes popular lines such as Laranja Reserva, 601, and Murcielago, each celebrated for its unique taste and quality construction. Espinosa Cigars has gained a loyal following among enthusiasts who appreciate the brand’s commitment to delivering cigars that balance complexity, strength, and a satisfying smoking experience. For the most accurate and current information on Espinosa Cigars, it is recommended to check with reputable cigar retailers or the official brand website.


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