CAO L’Anniversaire Cameroon

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CAO Cigars

CAO, a brand with a rich history in the premium cigar industry, has been recognized for its innovative blends and commitment to providing unique smoking experiences. Established in 1968, CAO has crafted cigars that often feature a diverse range of tobaccos from different regions, showcasing the brand’s creativity and expertise. Known for its flair in creating unique cigar lines, CAO has produced popular series such as CAO Brazilia, CAO Italia, and CAO MX2, each celebrated for its distinct flavor profile and exceptional craftsmanship. The brand has also ventured into the flavored cigar market with the CAO Flavours series, appealing to those who enjoy aromatic and infused cigars. CAO continues to be a favorite among enthusiasts seeking diversity and innovation in the premium cigar landscape. For the latest information on CAO cigars, including new releases, it is recommended to check with reputable cigar retailers or the official brand website.


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