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Baccarat Cigars

Baccarat Cigars, a brand with a history dating back to 1871, has earned its place as a classic in the world of premium cigars. Known for their signature “sweet-tipped” cigars, Baccarat cigars offer a uniquely approachable and mellow smoking experience. The brand is celebrated for its consistency and use of Honduran-grown tobaccos, resulting in a smooth and mild profile. Baccarat’s distinctive sweetened cap, often infused with a sugary flavor, adds an extra layer of allure for those seeking a mild and indulgent smoke. Whether it’s the Baccarat “The Game” or the Baccarat Rothschild, each cigar is crafted with precision, offering enthusiasts a comforting and flavorful option that has stood the test of time. Baccarat Cigars are known for providing a satisfying entry point into the world of cigars, making them popular among both novices and seasoned aficionados who appreciate their mild yet flavorful character.


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