ACID 20 by Drew Estate

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ACID Cigars

Acid cigars, a visionary creation from the Drew Estate, have redefined the traditional cigar experience with their avant-garde approach to blending and infusing. Known for their distinct aromatic profiles, Acid cigars are celebrated for incorporating a spectrum of botanicals, essential oils, and exotic spices into their premium tobacco blends. This infusion technique results in a uniquely flavored smoke, offering enthusiasts a departure from the conventional. The Acid brand has become synonymous with innovation, providing a diverse range of cigars, each with its own aromatic journey. Whether it’s the sweet and mellow notes of the Kuba Kuba or the rich complexity of the Blondie, Acid cigars continue to attract a broad audience of both seasoned aficionados and those seeking a departure from traditional tobacco flavors. With an emphasis on creativity and craftsmanship, Acid cigars invite enthusiasts to embark on a sensory adventure that transcends the boundaries of conventional cigar enjoyment.


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