601 Green Oscuro

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601 Cigars

601 Cigars, a brand born out of the collaboration between EO Brands and Don Pepin Garcia, has established itself as a powerhouse in the premium cigar industry. Renowned for their bold and full-bodied blends, 601 Cigars embodies the essence of Nicaraguan craftsmanship. These cigars are distinguished by their robust flavors, showcasing a harmonious interplay of earthy undertones, pepper, and subtle sweetness. With a commitment to using top-quality Nicaraguan tobaccos, 601 Cigars consistently delivers a memorable smoking experience that resonates with aficionados seeking intensity and complexity. From the iconic 601 Red and Blue labels to the more recent releases, 601 Cigars maintains a legacy of excellence that captivates enthusiasts who appreciate the robust character and expertly balanced profiles that define this esteemed brand.


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