CLE Chele

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CLE Cigars

CLE Cigars, standing for Christian Luis Eiroa, represents the passion and expertise of the Eiroa family in the premium cigar industry. Founded by Christian Eiroa, whose family has a long-standing history in the tobacco business, CLE is known for producing cigars that reflect a commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The brand often features Honduran tobaccos, leveraging the Eiroa family’s extensive knowledge of Honduran tobacco cultivation and processing. CLE offers a diverse range of lines, including the popular CLE Corojo and CLE Chele, known for their rich and flavorful profiles. Christian Eiroa’s dedication to tradition, combined with a willingness to innovate, has garnered CLE Cigars a notable presence in the premium cigar market. For the most current and detailed information on CLE Cigars, including new releases, enthusiasts are advised to check with reputable cigar retailers or the official brand website.


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