CI Knock-Offs – Compare to La Gloria

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CI Knock-Offs Cigars

CI Knock-Offs, a brand associated with Cigars International, offers an affordable alternative to premium cigars, providing enthusiasts with budget-friendly options that mimic popular cigar blends. These cigars are often designed to resemble the flavor profiles of well-known and high-quality cigars, allowing smokers to enjoy a similar experience without the higher price tag. CI Knock-Offs are typically available in various sizes and blends, providing a range of options for those looking for cost-effective alternatives. While not claiming to replicate the exact characteristics of the original cigars, CI Knock-Offs aim to deliver an enjoyable smoking experience at a more accessible price point. For the most accurate and current information on CI Knock-Offs, including available blends and offerings, it is recommended to check with Cigars International or reputable cigar retailers.


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