Bolivar Cofradia

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Black Label Trading Co. Cigars

Black Label Trading Company (BLTC), established in 2013 by James Brown, has become a notable player in the boutique cigar market, celebrated for its artisanal craftsmanship and bold, flavorful blends. The brand takes a creative approach to blending, incorporating diverse tobaccos to create unique and complex profiles. BLTC’s portfolio includes popular lines like Bishop’s Blend, Last Rites, and Santa Muerte, each showcasing the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation. Known for its small-batch releases and limited editions, Black Label Trading Company has cultivated a dedicated following among aficionados who appreciate the brand’s emphasis on uniqueness and artistry. For those seeking distinctive and handcrafted cigars, BLTC has emerged as a respected choice. To stay informed about the latest releases and offerings, enthusiasts are advised to check with reputable cigar retailers or the official Black Label Trading Company website.


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